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Get Lost In Other Dimensions

Get Lost In Other Dimensions Review

Get Lost In Other Dimensions is the latest release from Helvetia. I have not heard too much of Helvetia’s music in the past, just a few songs here and there, though I heard the track ‘Raik’ off of this album and it piqued my interest. After doing a bit of listening research, it seems that this album is not too far out of the ordinary as far as the band’s past releases go. This album builds on the low-fi production that is common with their music and remains consistent with their alternative indie sound.

Most of the songs on this album are very melody focused and have a sweet and melancholic feeling to them. The instrumentation is relatively simple most of the time though the songs evolve in a way so that they hold your attention and through the use of effects on the instruments, the “palette of sounds” on this album remains colorful. The vocals are sung at a low volume that draws you in and is paired with long instrumental breaks in a way that makes the music wash over you. I found that my thoughts were wandering and I was getting lost in the music. Not because it was boring, but because I just found the songs to be thought-invoking.

I would say that in general, if you like one song off this album then you will probably like most of the other tracks as well because many of them sound very stylistically similar. I’m not sure that I would classify this album as slowcore, though I could see it possibly being put into that category because many of the songs are relatively slow and laid back. Overall I enjoyed the album and there are a few tracks that I have added to some personal playlists, though if I was to play it in full again, it would most likely be as background music as opposed to more active listening.

Favorite tracks:

  • Stolen

  • Raik

  • More Than Feel

  • 7up


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