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Get it Right – Lena Elizabeth Album Review

Album: Get it Right

Artist: Lena Elizabeth

Genre: #Alt

Sub-Genres: #Songwriter, #Blues

Label: Tinderbox

Non-Airable Tracks: Track 3 (“Nobody Wants You”)

Release Date: January 22nd, 2018


A singer with a powerful voice and an ensemble with a decent variety describe the sound of Lena Elizabeth’s music. On this album, her music occupies a middling emotional space – one that never commits to being too dreary or too happy. The one song that stands out is “Dementia” which is easily her most neurotic composition and the brooding keyboard on the song has enough power to cause a small earthquake. Otherwise, the only standout is the synth (organ?) playing which is applied in a similar way that Lida Husik once did in the early 90s which adds the most atmosphere to any song it appears on. Overall, this is a release is a glimpse into mind that is deserving of a full view as the music sounds restrained by her pretenses.

Sounds Like: Brandi Carlile, KT Tunstall, Regina Spektor

Recommended tracks for radio play: Dementia

Reviewer: Bryan Burnett

Review Date: February 6th, 2019

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