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Fix It Up/ Figure it Out By Beach Tape

Album: Fix It Up/Figure It Out single

Artist: Beachtape

Genre: #IndieRock

Sub-Genres: #Lofi, #BeachPop

Label: PNKSLM Recordings

Non-Airable Tracks: None

Description: Beachtape is an indie rock/surf pop band from Brighton, UK. I hadn’t heard of them before listening to this single and this selection didn’t impress me too much. I’ll be honest, neither were particularly interesting and the monotonous chorus in “Fix It Up” dragged on a little bit way too long but overall it was the kind of non-offensive guitar pop I can imagine playing in a Target or TJ Maxx at 10 in the morning. I actually liked “Figure It Out” a fair amount and though I don’t find anything particularly interesting or novel about it’s approach, the downtempo, depressive tone definitely made more of an impression than it’s A-side. There’s not really much I can say about this other than that it’s perfectly average and not something I would really pursue in the future but seeing as it’s not bad I could definitely imagine this band recovering into something more fun to listen to.

Sounds Like: Walk the Moon, Grouplove

Recommended Track:

  1. Figure It Out

Reviewers Name: Bennett Tolar

Date of Review: 9/26/18

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