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“Falls” Remix EP- Odesza Featuring Various Artist

Album: Odesza- Falls Remix EP

Artist: Odesza, and various artists

Genre: #RPM

Sub Genres: #Dubstep, #electronic

Label: Counter records

Non-airable tracks: None


Various Artist have come together to make their own remix on the song ‘Falls’ by Odesza. There are six songs in total on this EP. Literally the same song over and over again, but with different artist remixing it. There are a lot of cool, and well known electronic artist featured on this EP. Some artist include: TroyBoi, Kaskade, The Glitch Mob, and many more. My personal favorite remix is the Kaskade remix. Each remix varies from very intense drops, to chill mellow tones. If you listen to this type of music you will be able to tell which remix belongs to each artist, and I love that. I love that all of these artist have come together to put their own signature styles on the already amazing and uplifting song ‘Falls’ by Odesza.

Sounds like: Odesza, kaskade, TroyBoi, and Kaskade

Recommended tracks:

  1. “ili” TroyBoi (If you liked more of the intense drops)

  2. “Falling” Alesso (If you liked the uplifting fun beats more) 

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