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Equinas..The Crossroads of Two Cultures

Album: Esquinas

Artist: Becky G

Genre: Regional Mexican

Label: Kemosabe Records

Description: An intimate project overwhelmed with moments of gratitude, heartbreak, grief, and loss.

Sounds Like:

1. Manana Sera Bonito-Karol G

2. No Me Queda Mas-Selena Q

3. En Realidad- Angela Aguilar

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Por El Contrario

  2. Querido Abuelo

  3. 2ndo Chance

  4. Un Puno De Tierra

Hey it's Denise aka Ms. Dior,

I'll be doing a music review on a recent album that came out on September 28. I'm a little late on posting a review on this album, but it's never to late to appreciate music. The album title name is Esquinas translated to "corners" which was Becky G's interpretation of being in between two cultures. The main story of how this album came together was appreciating the crossroads of two cultures, two flags, and two languages. My main question for those who will listen or have listened is how do you honor your culture? This album shows the perfect example!! It shows the different transition from honoring your roots, and owning how that has shaped you today. I can say she definitely puts a lot of pride into her families culture. Some of the songs she sings are covers from old regional music from famous artists who paved the way for latinos. For example, she covered "Un Puno de Tierra" which is a song sung by Antonio Aguilar. The Mexican singer who created the family dynasty of singers which has carried lots of generations till today. This song shows the theme of love, and life. My favorite line of this song is "Y es así, Ni los carros, ni еl dinero" translated it means "It's like that, not the cars, not the money". I just love the entire song and the meaning behind it. More in the song it mentions about how we leave life with nothing (like cars, and money it just ties up to my favorite line). Anyways her other songs listed were collabs with amazing artists such as Danny Lux, Angela Aguilar, Leonardo Aguilar, Ivan Cornejo, Peso Pluma, etc. Her most emotional songs were the first three on her album written about her love life(I will include more of her sad songs towards the end) . Recently she got engaged to a famous football player who ended up cheating on her two months before. She wrote from a really sad perspective (obvi) that her songs were trending everywhere. They talked about second chances, and having confused feelings for someone that you thought you could trust. Honestly, I would give a listen to those 3 just because there is too much that I can't explain. It's literally just an amazing sad feeling. You can really hear the heartbreak through her voice. I'm glad with this album she did a different approach. Usually her albums are really loud and you can't hear her voice. In this one lots of people heard her amazing underrated voice, and it was just so good. Anyways the songs that finished the album at the end were about her grandpa. Who she really loved, and he paved her music career to today. It was a very thoughtful song that I felt really tied up the whole album really good. I hope people listen, and really appreciate the lyrics that she sings. Including in the album once again is heritage, love, and heartbreak.


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