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Enigma: Doss Remix

Album: Dawn of Chromatica

Artist:Lady Gaga, Doss

Genre: EDM


Label:Interscope Records

Non-Airable tracks: N/A

Any song can pull me in if it has a solid three beginning chords. Enigma- Doss Remix was no exception. After a tantalizing 35 seconds of buildup, the claps came in, still not giving me the satisfying bass drop I was hoping for. About a minute in comes an increase of pace characterized by looping vocals and bouncy synths. Soon a high pitched, overlying melody is flawlessly layered in as the claps begin to speed up and we finally reach the drop. If there had to be a visual element that would represent the following 1 minute and 30 seconds, it would be a drunk girl at a rave bouncing up and down to a bass filled, melodically empty yet still lit EDM song. During the post chorus, Lady Gaga's voice comes back in along with the aforementioned bouncy synths and airy claps. We then get a slightly differentiated chorus, and then the song ends off on a high paced note. Overall it was a well developed vision. It balanced Lady Gaga's powerful vocals with dark sections that were completely devoid of lyrics and even melodies. My exact taste? Probably not, simply because I prefer more melodic songs. That being said, I was deeply impressed by this remix and thought that Lady Gaga's voice was perfect for Doss's vision.

Sounds like:



3)Porter Robinson

Recommended tracks: Enigma-Doss Remix

Reviewer: Zaira Sweeney

Date of review: 11/10/21

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