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Dusk Music Festival

Re-uploaded it after accidentally deleting it. So, this is Dusk review 2.0

On November 11 – 12, 2022, downtown Tucson shut down its streets and put on the Dusk Music Festival. For students at the University of Arizona and other ravers that live in Tucson, this festival was a breath of fresh air from a logistical perspective. Most festivals are in Phoenix, and we must consider the drive and hotels. It was nice to call an Uber to get to and from the show on both days.

We arrived later than expected on the first night and missed a few shows. The night was hyped up for Griz, who headlined. Since his last visit to Arizona, earlier in April, he has released a new album and several other singles. He mixes his new songs with his classics while playing his usual saxophone. He had groovy, wubby vibes that sent chills down the spine. Griz’s performance was excellent and passed the vibe check.

The second day began with watching Inzo. He played plenty of mashups, remixes, and hints of original songs. His set was energetic and full of life. He ended his set with his famous song, Overthinker.

As we headed to the main stage, Young the Giant had just finished their performance. NGHTMRE jumped on stage and began his set by jumping into the deep end with a heavy drop. He played many new songs from his new album DRMVRSE. Nghtmre kept the energy high and mixed in other heavy and rap songs. Crankdat’s industry baby remix, for example. To finish his set with a bang, he played fan favorites such as Feeling Gud and Gud Vibrations, ending on a high note. The crowd was pumped and ready for the headliner.

Alison wonderlands performance was a beautiful work of art. The whole performance and stunning visuals left the crowd in awe. Her newest album, “Loner,” was heavily influencing her set. The album revolves around being alone, hitting rock bottom, and finding a way to take inspiration and move forward. In the middle of her set, she lives mixed four different tracks, performing as if it was a guitar solo, showing off her amazing mixing skills. Near the end of her set, she announced she was having problems with her current record label, restricting her creative freedom. She has since begun a new label, FMU Records. Her performance at DUSK made me like her more as an artist and a DJ. Her closing song, Down the Line, was the perfect song to end her set. The lyrics speak, “We need the dark times to get our life right, I’m gonna be ok down the line, I’m gonna be ok this time.” As a part of the crowd, it is taken as, although the set is over and we have our struggles, everything will be all right.

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