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Drive Theory – Raz Simone

Album: Drive Theory

Artist: Raz Simone

Genre: #Rap, #HipHop

Label: Black Umbrella

Non-Airable Tracks: All


In psychology, “drive theory” is a concept which works to explain psychological drive. In essence, it asserts that our motivation for our actions are prompted by intrinsic psychological needs, and we will do anything to meet those needs. In his ninth release of the same name, Raz Simone contemplates with this concept, examining the driving factors that have lead him to mental and environmental hardships in his life. With only three features on this twelve track album, this release feels intensely personal. The lyrics act as a means of storytelling throughout the album, focusing of anecdotes of drug dealing, gangster life, and personal life struggles.

Musically, this album feels particularly melancholy, filled with moody and dramatic piano driven melodies. The beats are driving and cinematic. Orchestral sounding violin is present in many tracks, like “While He Dreams,” providing a compelling juxtaposition between beautiful instrumentals and, often, gruesome and intense lyrics. Raz Simone provides a very interesting flow throughout the album that is very reminiscent of spoken word poetry. On “Hatred”, he moves from a more free flow to spitting in a harder hitting and more rhythmic fashion, illustrating his capacity for variety in style.

Truthfully, I don’t particularly prefer this style of rap; however, his talent and quality of this album is evident, nevertheless. If moody and hard hitting rap is your ish, I would highly recommend!

Sounds Like: Mick Jenkins, Isaiah Rashad

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Never a Thang – A more lighthearted song with a really good feature.

  2. I Sell Drugs – This beat goes so hard; a certified banger!

Reviewer’s Name: Ally Lansdowne

Date of Review: 11/6/18

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