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Donna Missal – Get Well Review

Album: Get Well – Single

Artist: Donna Missal

Genre: #RPM

Sub-genre: #Downbeat

Label: UMG Recordings, Inc.

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE

In a perfect world, everyone would have someone to express their love to on Valentine’s Day. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and unfortunately, some of us do end up alone on Valentine’s Day. The interesting thing is, although we may feel alone, we have to remember that there are thousands of other people like us who are going through the same thing, so in a sense we’re never alone. Donna Missal’s single, “Get Well,” which was released this past Valentine’s Day, is a heartwarming piano ballad that reaches out to all of the lonely hearts out there, sharing her message and looking for the light in the darkness.

Throughout the verses, Missal sings about her lover, who she has become distanced with.  The lyrics successfully convey Missal’s emotional conflict as she tries to find the positives inside a negative, such as when she opens the song with, “I’m gonna miss the bitter taste of you.” Missal’s vocal delivery is also pleasantly unpredictable as she also sings about seeing nothing but negatives and unfortunately finding negatives inside of positives. Despite her heartbreak, Missal uses the chorus to humble herself, while still showing sympathy for her lover and hoping that one day they can make up. In the second verse, Missal reveals to the listener how alone she feels, crooning that “we made this life together and I cry ’cause now I picture it all alone.” During the bridge, however, Missal realizes that although her and her lover may never be together again, she recognizes that although letting go and being alone is harder, it is the only way to get healthy and come back with a stronger love for someone else.

Overall, “Get Well” is one of the best break-up/love songs that I’ve ever heard. With lyrics that are just as emotionally conflicted as Missal, heightened by her soothing voice that comforts, yet gently demands the listener’s attention, “Get Well” becomes very easy to relate to. The warm piano, as well as the light drums and ambient effects that arrive later in the song, also prevents the song from getting repetitive. So if you’re still waiting for your special someone, I’d definitely recommend giving “Get Well” a listen.


Sounds Like: King Princess, Morgan Saint, gnash

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Get Well

Reviewer’s Name: Nick Ramos

Date Reviewed: 02/27/2019

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