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Destroy All Humans, Snailmate, The Sores, and Moodie Black Review:

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Destroy All Humans, Snailmate, The Sores, and Moodie Black performed Thursday, October 20th, at Groundworks.


Destroy All Humans:

This band performed fast paced, rap-metal. The lead singer danced, spun, and paced in the first row of the audience, barefoot, on the ground floor in front of the elevated stage. Three guitarists performed behind the lead singer.


This band is a duo, composed of one drummer and one rapper who also plays keyboard. This band also interweaves techno within their sound. They packed color into their performance: the multi-colored stage lights shifted without warning. Watching their performance was like eating an everything bagel. True to their name, the drummer briefly wore a snail mask while performing and the mask encompassed his head. Their snail motif continues into their merch, as one of the band’s most iconic stickers shows a snail exclaiming, “a trans person peed here and you didn’t even notice,” in front of the transgender flag.

The Sores:

This band pairs screamo-vocals with heavy metal. This band is a small band based in Tucson. The lead singer attributes inspirations for songs from living in Tucson, such as the song “Road Rage,” which described the singer’s frustration of driving here. Another song described the singer’s frustration with his fast-food service job. Before performing, the band set up a plastic skeleton with an oversized blue shirt that said, “world’s greatest Dad.”

Moodie Black:

This band used long, drawn out sounds to create an ambiance of existentialism. The lead singer laid down on the floor for one song, as images of smoke and destruction played onscreen. True to their name, all band members wore black–save for the drummer who wore a bright tie-dyed t-shirt–as he also drummed in Snailmate. The band used a projector screen to display various snippets of black and white films. One snippet displayed a shaky film of a dark grim reaper standing in the ocean.

To keep up with the bands follow: Destroy All Humans, Snailmate, The Sores, and Moodie Black!

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