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Crush Hi by Airhead DC Review

Album: Crush Hi

Artist: Airhead DC

Sub-genres: #Synthpop, #Indiepop/#indierock, #experimentalpop

Label: Danger Collective Records

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE

Description: This album grew on me as I listened to it. At first, it seemed a bit discordant, with a blend of soft indie vocals, hard-hitting bass drum, and eclectic mix of electronic background music that didn’t seem to work together. However, as the album continued, I began to appreciate the creativity of the way Airhead DC mixes a wide variety of sounds, from electric guitar to church bells, into an album that is pleasantly ambient but also unique and lyrically complex. I appreciated the vibrant and varied lyrics, a refreshing change from the majority of pop songs that tend to have repetitive lyrics. My favorite parts of the album are its most melodic, when the huge array of sounds come together to create a unified atmosphere. This atmosphere ranges from peaceful to haunting, but is always quite low-key and never very abrasive. I also enjoyed the vocal harmonies present on a few of the tracks, as they added depth to the otherwise run-of-the-mill indie vocals. Overall, if one is willing to take a track or two to get used to its unique sound, “Crush Hi” is an interesting and enjoyable album.

Sounds like: Jepeto Solutions, Palm

Stand-Out Tracks: Honey-colored Flame Blown Off my Candle, Mouth Breather

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