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Crush Hi – Airhead DC

Album: Crush Hi

Artist: Airhead DC

Genre: #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #ExperimentalPop

Label: Danger Collective

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


To start off, this album is definitely an experimental pop project. I questioned “Yechon” when I first heard it but once the chorus came up, it was addictive to listen to! The title of “King Charles Spaniel” is nicely picked and it sounds like a sad, techno song that would play in a hypnosis. “Friday” is more of the slower songs of the album and the vocals cannot be heard until a minute after into it. “My Pillow” sounds like a sequel to “King Charles Spaniel” as it sounds as if you are is in a trance, or dream, state (which is probably why the title is as chosen?) “Voicemail” is a wistful and longing song (no vocals) that would play when your go-to person isn’t picking up and you are lead directly into his/her voicemail. Overall, I would rate the album an 8/10 and I would listen to it when I am stressed but trying to relax..

Sounds Like: Lala Lala, Hovvdy

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Track 2: “Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle” – a slow, chill but upbeat kind of song

  2. Track 6: “Mouth Breather” – mellow+hopeful

Reviewer’s Name: Joann Kohng

Date of Review: 11/25/18

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