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Close It Quietly- Frankie Cosmos

Album: Close It Quietly

Artist: Frankie Cosmos

Genre: #Indie #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #IndiePop/ #BedroomPop

Label: Sub Pop

Non-Airable Tracks: None


Another classic album by Frankie Cosmos. An artist who does not let down her fans, as her songs are not too far of a departure from her iconic, pop-y, poetic sound. A whopping 21 tracks and only 39 minutes, it still follows her format of short, catchy songs. A fan of Cosmos, I can definitely call her “old reliable” as you can count on her to pull through with new innovative tracks, while still staying true to her sound. Her voice is soft and airy, which goes along with the light guitar that accompanies her on some songs such as “With Great Purpose” and “Self-destruct.” However, there is still diversity in sound, a full arched album, as songs like “I’m It” give more of a produced and rocking sound. Even on tracks like “I’m It” that have a harder guitar sound at times, her delicate voice always allows her song to be recognized as her own. This is a great album to listen to when you want to cool down after a long day, or just hear some relatable or reassuring words sung to you in such a comforting style.

Sounds Like: Adult Mom, Alvvays

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Rings (On A Tree)

  2. Last Season’s Textures

Reviewer’s Name: Caroline Eimer

Date of Review: 09/26/2019


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