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Charli XCX @ The Marquee Theatre Concert Review

After last visiting Arizona for her performance at FORM Arcosanti in 2018, Charli XCX returned to for an electrifying night at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. The Charli Live Tour is in support of her most recent album, Charli, released on September 13th. For such new album, the crowd illustrated just how passionate they are about her innovative brand of electro-pop, singing along to every word of the new release. The show was opened by Brooke Candy and Dorian Electra, frequent collaborators of Charli that have been featured on both Pop 2 and Charli. In one of the most exciting parts of the show, they joined Charli on stage, along with 4 Arizona locals, to join in the performance of the song “Shake It”. Charli is a pop star in the truest form of the word, capturing the attention of the entire room whether she was dancing around the stage or passionately singing a ballad. She ran through the tracks from her new album, like “White Mercedes” and “Click”, and also featured some fan favorites like “Unlock It” off of Pop 2 and “Vroom Vroom” of her 2016 EP of the same title.

Charli is the future of pop music, capturing the creative energy of some of the most unique and eclectic artists in the production of her music. Seeing her perform live was a pleasure and to miss out on The Charli Live Tour when it rolls around to your city would be a shame.

It’s Charli, baby!

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