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Cataldo – “Literally Main Street” Album Review

Album: Literally Main Street

Artist: Cataldo

Genre: #Indie


Label: Self Released

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

Release Date: September 27th, 2019


Eric Anderson’s (a.k.a. Cataldo) 6th studio album “Literally Main Street” explores the memories of Anderson’s life growing up. However, the album doesn’t embellish the simplicity of life as an adolescent. In fact, the album achieves the opposite. According to Anderson, the album focuses on the weirdness of growing up in the small town of Bellingham, Washington. The album glorifies the awkward moments and hones in on the hard times that helped shape Anderson into the man he is.

If I were to title this album in two words: positively nostalgic.

I cannot get enough of Cataldo. While most artists now seem to alter their genres to adapt to the times, Anderson stays consistent to what he started with. He still sings with his classic, and slightly nasally, voice. His instrumentals do not differ to greatly from his other albums either. The real experimentation isn’t in the music, but rather the lyrics. Though there is slight deviation in that this album is more upbeat than other albums like “Gilded Oldies”, there is a different message being conveyed. As stated, this album is about being defined by the struggles.

This album is very natural and unique in that it was hard to compare to other artists. The closest similarities were Chris Staples and Hey Marseilles, but they are still drastically different. By the end of this album I was reminded of the soundtrack to 2010 film “Submarine” with music exclusively made by Alex Turner. I could see many of the song from “Literally Main Street” used within a film of that style and tone. They both share the common themes of coming of age, young awkwardness, and adolescent love.

Sounds Like: Chris Staples, Hey Marseilles, Alex Turner

Recommended tracks for radio play: Ding Dong Scramble Eggs, White Lighter, Long Road Back to Idaho

Reviewer: Milan Uhrik

Review Date: October 19th, 2019

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