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Bleed Me Dry by Memphis May Fire

Album: Bleed Me Dry

Artist: Memphis May Fire

Genre: Metal

Sub-genres: Rock

Label: Rise Records

Non-Airable tracks: N/A

Bleed Me Dry begins with a hard punching, guitar heavy intro. There is no building up of energy at first because the energy slaps you in the face right off the bat. The chorus has a pop-like melody, delivered in a heavy rock fashion. If you were to isolate the chorus from the rest of the song, one might not immediately think that Memphis May Fire was a metal band. The chorus is easy to sing along to and an easy listen for those just beginning to dip their toes in the metal scene. That is, until the last line of the chorus when lead singer Matty Mullins turns into screaming mode. We then reach the high energy second verse and about a minute and 10 seconds in, a breakdown of aggressive vocals occurs that rejuvenates my interest in the song. The bridge is by far the most epic part of the song. It consists of a building of energy and then aggressive vocals as the instruments suddenly drop out, then burst back in for a heavy guitar section. The song then finishes up with one last chorus and some more aggressive vocals, until it abruptly cuts off. I left off listening to this song feeling very impressed, but not necessarily mind blown. As far as metal songs go, I have a hard time saying this one's unique. It fails to stand out among the thousands of other songs just like it. However, it is not a bad song by any means. It is certainly fun to jam out to and worth playing in the car every once in awhile when you need to let off some steam.

Sounds like:

1) Beartooth

2)A Day To Remember

3) The Amity Affliction

Reviewer: Zaira Sweeney

Review date: 11/10/21

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