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Bleach TYBW "The Fire" Review

If I could summarize the newest episode of Bleach in one word, it would be "fire". In the decisive battle against Yhwach, Yamamoto releases his bankai. With the release of the bankai we see glimpses of the past, which is marked by blue flames. As well as the present day, which is marked by red flames.

Story wise, I would give this episode a 9/10. The pacing was very natural, as it flowed from one action scene to the next.

The animation as always is phenomenal. 10/10.

The end of the episode is the best part, leaving the viewer with a gut wrenching cliffhanger.

Out of the 6 episodes released so far, this latest one is by far the best so far.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War is currently streaming on Hulu, with new episodes every Monday.

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