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Bleach is Back!!!

The Bleach anime is back on air a decade after its cancellation due to poor ratings. Due to this for long time fans of the manga and show the proper conclusion was never shown.

Until now.

It is now being advertised with the final story arc's title; Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. After a decade of absence Bleach is back and better than ever with newer & more polished animation and an incredibly well polished sounding score and character OST's.

The first episode of the revival aired on October 10th. In terms of story progression within the first episode, nothing is held back. From the start the viewer is thrown into the dangerous world of Soul Reapers.

For both new and old fans it is perfectly paced. There is never a dull moment with its intriguing story and beautifully sequenced battle scenes.

To me the overall episode was a 9/10. Nothing is perfect, but the reintroduction of this iconic protagonist is damn near close to perfect.

You can catch the next episode on Hulu this Monday, November 7th.

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