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Bad B**** Energy

Album: Something for Thee Hotties

Artist: Megan Thee Stallion

Genre: Rap

Sub-genres: Pop

Label: 300 Entertainment

Non-Airable tracks: N/A

After listening to this album I feel like my confidence has soared from a -0.1 to a 10000. Megan Thee Stallion always raps over the hardest beats, and always has something interesting to say. Her newest album contains many freestyles, each as impressive as the last. In her own words, she’s giving off “rich b**** energy”. The beats are usually paired down to classic trap-style drums, a hard hitting bass, and a simple piano melody. Therefore the emphasis in the album is placed more on her rap instead of the actual music itself. This is most certainly a deliberate decision, as she thrives when she has room to rap and is not bogged down by beats that can be distracting from the main feature, which is her voice. I don’t think I need to (or am legally allowed to) explain what the running theme of the album is, but let’s just say it is about feeling empowered, not caring about what other people think, and most importantly, not getting hung up on a guy. As is consistent with all good rappers, Megan integrates fast paced rapping, witty jokes, and savage insults all into one smooth song. Her talent impressed me, but one thing this album could use is a bit more variety. Each song offers up its own unique aspects, but I wish she would switch up the pace of her rapping every once in a while, maybe go towards a different rapping style for a few songs, or explore a couple new topics to rap about. That’s not to say, though, that she doesn’t have some thoughtful insights. In the song ‘Tina Snow Interlude’ she raps, “I had to learn that some people only f*** with you when it’s beneficial.” This shows a different side to her fame, where it's not all money and men, but instead something darker. A few of my favorite songs off the album include ‘Southside Forever Freestyle’, ‘God’s Favorite’, and ‘Megan’s Piano’. I’d recommend giving this album a listen, even if you aren’t a typical fan of hers.

Sounds like:

1) Latto

2) City Girls

3) Cardi B

Reviewer: Zaira Sweeney

Review date: 11/10/21

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