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Attack on Titan by Epica

Album: Epica vs. Attack on Titan

Artist: Epica

Genre: Metal

Sub-Genres: #SymphonicMetal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Epica is a great symphonic metal band and in this album they cover several songs from the soundtrack of popular anime Attack on Titan. I have watched most of the show (not up to date so don’t spoil) and I feel that this album does a good job of representing the music from the original anime. The songs were already pretty awesome to begin with, and the homies at Epica just had their way with them and added all of the symphonic metal goodness that you would expect from them.

The mixing is great and all of the songs are clear. Simone’s voice sounds beautiful as always, and the rest of the instruments sound basically the same as any other Epica album. They bring in the choir pretty often and all of the orchestral elements are also well arranged and produced (it’s Epica, what else would you expect?).

As these are cover songs, they are not very musically different from the originals but they do have great riffs and memorable melodies. The band did add a few parts here and there, but nothing was radically changed in any of the songs. They are all in English, which is nice. I think it is really cool to see a big metal band taking the time to cover anime songs. Depending on your tastes you might hate it, but I would suggest you check it out even if you aren’t a fan of anime.

Overall 7.5/10

Sounds Like: Epica, otaku shit

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Crimson bow and arrow: it has great vocals, 5:42

Reviewer’s Name: Nate Smith

Date of Review: 10/6/18

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