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Are you kidding me, Justin Turner?!

Updated: May 14

*Picture yourself in the moment, watching the game to Joe Buck and John Smoltz' smooth, smooth commentary of Game 6*

Justin Turner exits the game. No one knows why. He has been red-hot.

Starting pitcher Blake Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays gets idiotically pulled off of the mound after only 73 pitches because every decision maker in the Rays' clubhouse is a moron under pressure.

The second Snell is taken out, there isn't an ounce of momentum to be had for the Rays.

Dodgers win.

*End scene*

24 hours ago, I'd consider myself a fan of the fine third baseman that is Justin Turner. The guy can smash a baseball. He's an exciting postseason talent.

Maybe 23 hours ago, I changed my mind.

With my chest, I proclaim:

Justin Turner is a dumb, foolish, orange-haired CLOWN.

This dude tests positive for COVID-19 in the middle of Game 6 of the 2020 World Series.

Okay. That's suspect as hell. That really sucks for the guy, actually.

This is where things need to pause. Is he okay? Where did he get it? Who could he have given it to? Why did his result come back in the middle of GAME 6 OF THE WORLD SERIES? Why not before?!


At this moment in time, the Dodgers have to know their teammate just tested positive for COVID-19. At least, their manager Dave Roberts needs to know. This is serious, for godsake!

Everyone needs to isolate, man. We're in a pandemic. Turner was around everyone without a mask.

For all my glass half-full people out there, I'm right there with you in hoping this is a false positive and that everything is okay. But, the thing is - nobody knows!

So, obviously... Justin Turner reenters the field to join his family and teammates to celebrate the first Dodger championship since 1988.

Turner takes his mask off while sitting next to Dave Roberts (who isn't the youngest guy in the world!).

This is screwy. This is not right.

Dave Portnoy wanna-be Clay Travis is all over this story already.

He calls out "sports media coronabros" for reporting on the pandemic that has killed over 200,000 Americans since March.

Travis and all of his minions praise the ending of COVID-19 safety protocols.

It's the hottest new thing to show off your masculinity, freedom, and liberty: Scrap your masks! Be a part of a large gathering! Risk getting COVID!

We need to be safe. This is ridiculous.

Justin Turner, I hope you stay healthy. I hope this is a false positive.

Either way, you're a scumbag in my eyes.

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