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Anderson .Paak “King James”- Single (2019)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Album: Ventura

Artist: Anderson .Paak

Genre: #HipHop, #Funk

Sub-Genres: #Soul, #Contemporary #RandB

Label: Aftermath Entertainment

Non-Airable Tracks: *Clean version only

Description: Given this is a single to Anderson .Paak’s upcoming release: “Ventura”, I have come to love this single that he has released. One of the reasons I love listening to this song is that It reminds me so much of one of his older albums such as: “Malibu” (2016). The arrangement itself is excellent. Hearing the synth bass going along with the keyboard was excellent! The lyrics in this song truly resonate with pop and american culture especially in 2016. In the first verse he references Donald Trump’s wall proposition. In the second verse he refers to the former 49ers quarterback: Colin Kaepernick, and the act of protest. Last of course as the title implies, he mentions LeBron James. What I really loved hearing was the chorus section; it has a soul vibe to it that just makes you want to come together. The fact that it has a soul aspect could symbolize Anderson .Paak’s proposal for everyone to come united. This single is worth a listen to without a doubt and cannot wait for the full release of the album to be out later this year!

Sounds Like: Mick Jenkins, NxWorries, KAYTRANADA

Reviewer’s Name: Matt Ingargiola

Date of Review: 3/29/19

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