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An Evening With Silk Sonic: Bottom Text.

Album: An Evening with Silk Sonic

Artist: Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic

Genre: #RnB #Pop

Label: Aftermath Entertainment and Atlantic Recording Corporation

I am nothing if not a Bruno Mars stan. He is an absolute essential in any Filipino household. If there’s a karaoke machine, most likely there are already 10 of my titos, 5 of my titas, and 6 of my cousins all singing “Just The Way You Are”- and they are all trying to prove they’re the best singer. Point is, I feel like I was raised on this man’s music. From “Count on me” to “Grenade” to “24k Magic”- I’ve been through it all and enjoyed it all. It truly amazes me how much he’s evolved over the years and this new collaboration with Anderson .Paak is the absolute perfect way to cap the year. An Evening With Silk Sonic will definitely be my most listened to album this year and I will stand by that. Even now just listening to it as background for writing this review, I can’t help but dance. If you're inhibited by age (or an alcohol-intolerance) and need a bit of liquid courage- may I suggest listening to this album? It can make absolutely anyone gain the confidence of a Channing Tatum impersonator. Trust me, you will feel like the sexiest person alive when you spend an evening with silk sonic.

Sounds Like:

  1. Thundercat

  2. Blue Magic

  3. Dramatics

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Smoking Out The Window- Misogyny has never been so sexy ;)

  2. After Last Night (With Thundercat & Bootsy Collins)- I feel like I can get over my fear of women.

  3. Skate- Instant classic.

Dom Gonzales

Nov 22, 2021

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