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A Late DUSK Festival Review (from a first-time raver)

DUSK music festival was an incredible weekend of performances by names both big and small in the world of EDM, or at least, that’s what people who actually know EDM music had told me. Here’s my review of the headlining artists from this festival from a complete outsider to the genre.

The first headliner was Griz, with the last performance of the first night of the festival. Griz put on an incredible performance and created such an upbeat experience for the crowd jumping in front of his stage. His music can be described through sub-genres of electronic, dubstep, and future funk. The most interesting part of that description and of Griz’s performance in my opinion is the “funk”, as Griz is a classically trained saxophone player. His use of the saxophone adds an entirely different element of grooviness to his music, and the crowd was so much fun to get to experience. His brightly colored visuals match his overall aesthetic of an electronic, futuristic, good vibe.

The last headliner was the infamous Alison Wonderland, and she did not disappoint. I had heard from a few friends who have attended many raves before that she was their favorite artist to watch perform, and now I know what they mean. Her darker, out-of-this-world aesthetics were seen with her color choices in visuals and lights, and you could even feel it with the heavy bass and emotional lyrics. Her hour and a half long set flew by in the blink of an eye, and the whole crowd was attentive and enjoying her the whole time. She closed the performance with her new single “DOWN THE LINE”, and I left that festival a definite fan of hers.

DUSK was such an unforgettable festival to experience, and the artists named above as well as many more put on performances that were exciting, creative, and enjoyable even for someone like me, who was a complete outsider to the genre. If you get the chance to attend DUSK next year, do it!

(Pictured above: ZOMBOY performance at DUSK Music Festival, 11/12/2022)

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