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A Close Call: UA's Weekend Victory Against the Cardinals

This weekend, I went home to visit my family in the Bay Area, California and was lucky enough to have chosen the same weekend as the University of Arizona's football game against the Stanford Cardinals! So on Saturday, September 24th, my dad bought my family tickets to the 4 o'clock game. Going in, our expectations were high as the Wildcats were expected to win by 2 touchdowns (a fact my dad would not shut up about). However, I began to grow concerned after a slow 1st quarter, ending at 3-0, left UA falling behind.

My dad had bought us tickets on the top of the visitors side. With it being 70 degrees outside (as opposed to the over 100 degree average lately in Tucson), I did not expect the lack of shade to be a problem. I was clearly mistake when minutes into the game my entire family was sweating and wishing we had packed our sunscreen. The rows of Stanford fans in front of us (who had bought the cheap visitors tickets) only made matters worse, as every play in their favor had them screaming and jumping out of their seats. Their celebrations continued until the end of the 2nd quarter, with the Cardinals still in the lead 10-7.

The half time show was next, giving us a small distraction from the heat. We watched the entertaining performance from the Stanford band, whose chosen theme was a routine illustrating tips for surviving freshman year. Although they were good, I made sure to tell my family they were no match for the halftime performances put on by our beloved Pride of Arizona.

By the end of the 3rd quarter, the skin had practically melted off our faces and our spirits were low (given Stanford's continued lead, now 17-14), so my family and I decided to move to lower seats. We sat towards the side of the stadium and were able to get a closer view of the players, as well as the UA cheer team. The spirited energy in this section of the stadium definitely improved our experience, and apparently it impacted the players as well, as things began to look up for the Wildcats. With a little over 7 minutes left, DJ Williams scored UA's last touchdown of the game, putting us in the lead and ending the 4th quarter 21-20!

Although it was a close game, it was still fun to watch and put another win in the books for the Wildcats! Looking forward to a great rest of the season!

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