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10,000 Gecs :O

THE TIME HAS COME!! 10,000 GECS IS OUT NOW AND EVERYONE SHOULD STREAM IT IMMEDIATELY!!! This album had been long awaited by fans (me). With its original release date being March of 2022, this is something that everyone was anxiously waiting for.

A majority of these songs were played on their 10,000 Gecs tour. Three or four of them were performed at music festivals or have never been heard of before. With the album being 26 minutes long, it’s very digestible. This album is super interesting because you can see Laura Les and Dylan Brady start to branch out into different genres, more specifically rock and roll. However, they manage to put their own special and quirky spin on it, and it makes this whole album so fun to listen to.

My favorite track on the album is “Dumbest Girl Alive”. The song starts with the really loud THX sound (iykyk) and it leads right into this kickass guitar part. Laura never disappoints with her vocals. It also kinda sounds like ”Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott. It contains a lot of elements from a bunch of different genres; it’s acoustic and electric guitars, beeping synths, strong bass and crunchy timbre makes listening to this song an amazing experience.

I don’t have a least favorite song, but I am a little bummed that they decided to change Laura’s verse in “757”. Originally it was:

“I exhale the blunt smoke, sounds like a shotgun

I wanted a smoke so I went out and I got some

Live in dog years and I feel twenty six

Yeah I'm old bitch but I learn new tricks

Better look quick or end up like eating bricks

You say you smoke lil' trees that look like little sticks

Little smoked trees, little tree sized dicks”

Which is arguably better than the verse they replaced it with. Nonetheless, the new verse has meaning and doesn’t worsen the quality of the song. (Just kidding, they uploaded the original version after I posted this.)

I would 10/10 recommend giving this album a listen! If you are apprehensive about anything 100 Gecs puts out, I say don’t knock it till you try it!

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