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Калейдоскоп by Импульс-80 Album Review

Album: Калейдоскоп Artist: Импульс-80 Genre: #Electronic, #Synthwave Sub-Genres: #Sovietwave Label: Sovietwave Records Non-Airable Tracks: ​N/A Description:

About the Artist:

Импульс-80 (also known as Eugene Maruslanov) is a semi-active synthwave artist from Shakhtarsk, Ukraine. Between 2015 and 2019, He produced two full-length albums: Хрономираж (released in 2016) and Калейдоскоп (released in 2019 and 2021). Alongside fellow Ukrainian synthwave artists Маяк and Электроника302, his work pioneered the sovietwave genre in the mid-2010s.

About the Album

The name of the album, Калейдоскоп, directly translates to Kaleidoscope. A word that brings back memories of carefree childhood days. To me, this album captures those feelings of youthful optimism and converts them into musical form.

This album is almost like an auditory summer vacation. It starts with a calming track (Тихая Вода), that invokes feelings of standing next to a river at dawn. The feeling of a quick summer romance is captured perfectly in the fourth track aptly titled "Bicycle Romance (Велосипедная Романтика)." However, every vacation has to come to an end. The final track, Дорога Домой(Way Home), uses a theremin and a drum machine to wonderfully represent the mix of melancholy and hope that the end of the summer brings. Sounds Like:

  1. Маяк

  2. Электроника302

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Тихая Вода

  2. Сигнал Из Тау Кита

  3. Дорога Домой

  4. Калейдоскоп

  5. Велосипедная Романтика

Reviewer’s Name: Kira McClure Date of Review: 9/11/2021

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